How to Play

Welcome to’s DailyStreak Challenge – a gripping, exciting fantasy sweepstakes contest that puts your sports knowledge to the ultimate test! On the day of the contest, randomly selects actual sports matchups in which users are challenged to select the correct winner (No spreads involved). Participants simply pick who they believe will win the given matchups, and the person who selects the most correct game results, wins! In the unlikely event of a tie, the tie-breaker questions will dictate the winner. Please note that tie-breakers are only considered in the event of a tie between two or more players. Tie-breakers questions are scored as follows: If you correctly select the exact number of runs the team scores, you are awarded 10 points. If you select the number of runs a team scores and are off by one (either above or below the correct total), you receive 9 points. If you select the number of runs a team scores and are off by two, you receive 8 points and so on. All of the points are then added up to dictate who received the most amount of points in the tie-breaker round. Lastly, if in the highly unlikely event that after all tie-breaker questions are scored and there still remains two or more players with the exact same record, the prize pool will simply be divided evenly between the participants that ended with identical records and tie-breaker points.

Selecting the winning teams each day seems easy enough, right? Finally, a website that allows you to cheer on your favorite teams, put your sports knowledge to the test, and simultaneously WIN CASH!  We strongly encourage you to challenge your friends to join and compete in our daily offered contests. The more people that enter a contest, the bigger the Cash Prize! Come claim your spot on our leader board – and get your share of $50,000.00 awarded each month!